Anpanman: Purun, The Soap Bubble

Not Yet Rated 51 min

Anpanman's friends go see a bubble show performed by Shabondama-hime and her Shabondama Girls, who make exquisite bubbles by playing their flutes. One of the girls, Purun, can't make big bubbles no matter how much she rehearses. She feels inadequate as she goes to retrieve her lost flute, which Creampanda finds and goes to return. Meanwhile Baikinman takes over Shabondama-hime's castle and steals the flutes, using their power to create evil bubbles, and Purun must realize her own importance and save the day with Anpanman's help.

Hiroyuki Yano
Keiko Todaas Anpanman
Ryusei Nakaoas Baikinman
Maki Mizunoas Purun

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Movie Details

Original Language:Japanese
Production Companies:Nippon Television Network Corporation, TMS Entertainment, VAP