Beats (2020)

Audience Score
Summer 1994, Scotland. Johnno and Spanner are best mates, but Johnno’s family are moving him to a new town and a better life, leaving Spanner behind to face a precarious future. In pursuit of adventure and escape they head out on one last night to an illegal rave before parting ways indefinitely.
DirectorBrian Welsh
WritersKieran HurleyBrian Welsh

Movie Details

On Digital & Streaming:June 26th, 2020 - Watch Now
Movie Budget:$25,000
Movie Box Office Gross:$310,827 (Worldwide)
Original Language:English
Executive Producers:Steven Soderbergh, Will Clarke, Leslie Finlay, Peter Hampden, Andy Mayson, Scott Meek, Norman Merry, Mike Runagall
Production Companies:Rosetta Productions