Blind Trust

Blind Trust (1987)

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PG-13 1 hr 26 minNov 7th, 1987Thriller

A government ministry's fast-rising head of security asks a shadowy fixer, Meursault, to steal a bag from an armored truck. Meursault goes to Théo, a former night club owner, in prison for two years on false charges, who's being released in exchange for information about Montreal's underworld. Théo agrees to steal the bag for money and safe passage to the US for himself and his son Robin. Théo brings in two helpers, Gilder, ex-con and set designer, and Roxanne, Gilder's friend, a tough-minded petty thief. Their elaborate plan blows up when a guard, Marcel, takes his responsibilities too seriously. What happens to father and son? Will any of the thieves escape

Yves Simoneau
Marie Tifoas Roxane
Pierre Curzias Gildor

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Original Language:French
Production Companies:Téléfilm Canada, Les Films Vision 4, Radio Canada Productions, ONF | NFB, La Societe Generale du Cinema du Quebec
Movie Tags:robbery