Citizens Band Poster

Release Date: 1977

PG|1 hr 38 min

Plot Summary
A truck driver nicknamed Chrome Angel (Charles Napier) gets into an accident while passing through a small town. Spider (Paul Le Mat), a repairman, picks up Chrome Angel's distress call over his CB radio, and rescues him. The only problem is that Chrome Angel is a bigamist, and now his two wives (Marcia Rodd, Ann Wedgeworth) have both arrived on the scene. Spider also has his own set of problems, and is caught up in a feud with the local priest (Ed Begley Jr.).

Cast: Paul Le Mat, Candy Clark, Ann Wedgeworth, Bruce McGill, Marcia Rodd, Charles Napier, Alix Elias, Roberts Blossom

Director: Jonathan Demme

Genres: Comedy

Keywords: Small town, Amusing, Rivalry, 1970s, Forbidden love, Wife, Hospital, Offbeat, House, Marriage