Daredreamer Poster

Release Date: 1990

PG-13|1 hr 48 min

Plot Summary
Winston (Tim Noah) is a compulsive daydreamer, and this has prevented him from graduating from high school, where he's constantly mocked by his classmates. His dreams are wild rides into a fantasy world -- he can be anything, from a cop to a rock star. When he's expelled from school, he turns to a friendly saxophone-playing janitor (Michael A. Jackson) for help. He also finds that he has a special connection to a classmate (Alyce LaTourelle) with a similar taste for daydreaming.

Cast: Tim Noah, Alyce LaTourelle, Adam Eastwood, Michael A. Jackson, Jim Hechim, Billy Burke, Thomas Arthur

Director: Barry Caillier

Genres: Musical comedy

Keywords: Underdog, Friend, Friendship, Amusing, Creative, Growing up, 1980s