Digimon Adventure tri. Part 2: Determination (2017)

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The DigiDestined go to a nearby hot springs theme park and everyone has a good time, but Joe doesn't show up because he wants to study for his exams. Another infected Digimon, Ogremon, attacks Odaiba. Gomamon runs away from home while Mimi faces problems with the other DigiDestined and her classmates because of her selfish ideas.
DirectorKeitaro Motonaga
WriterYuuko Kakihara

Digimon Adventure tri. Collection

Fifteen years after the summer vacation. If we didn't go to the Digital World. If I didn't make this trip with others. If we didn't change at all like this. These Digimon were always with us. We've been friends all the time. We learned the importance of helping each other. All the things have made us what we are! New stories for all the "DigiDestined" in the world. Taichi, seventeen, high school days.

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Movie Box Office Gross:$1,476,624 (Worldwide)
Original Language:Japanese
Production Companies:Toei Animation