Game of Chance 2

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Game of Chance 2
Bungo is released from prison to find his son Kenichi in the care of strangers Teruko the woman originally looking after the boy was forced to leave town and sell herself into prostitution Bungo and Kenichi in their search for Teruko arrive in a new place and find work running a peddling stall for the upright Tatsumaki family However the drifting father and son soon find themselves caught up in a struggle for territory Boss Negishi the head of the yakuza family responsible for the death of the former Tatsumaki leader will stop at nothing to take over the marketplace Sickened by the injustice Bungo takes on the rival boss knowing it might cost him his newly acquired freedom
DirectorRyuichi Takamori

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Original Language:Japanese
Production Companies:Toei Company

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Bungo becomes a single parent when his wife leaves him because of his drinking and gambling. Deciding to quit his vices, he works menial jobs, drifting from city to city with his son.