Giving Becky a Chance

Giving Becky a Chance (1917)

Since she is an only child, Becky Knight (Vivian Martin) is a bit spoiled by her parents (P.H. Sosso and Alice Knowland), who run a general store. They somehow manage to save up enough money to send Becky away to boarding school. The other girls come from very wealthy families and Becky allows them to believe that she comes from a rich family, too. One of her classmates invites her to her home, where she meets Tom Fielding (Jack Holt), a young doctor. He falls in love with Becky, and she never gets the opportunity to tell him the truth about her background.
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Movie Details

Theatrical Release:June 17th, 1917
Original Language:English
Production Companies:Oliver Morosco Photoplay Company, Paramount