• Gun Battle at Monterey (1957)

Gun Battle at Monterey

Release Date: 1957

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 7 min

Plot Summary

After he and his partner, Reno (Ted de Corsia), hold up a bank, Turner (Sterling Hayden) decides he wants to branch out on his own. When he tells Reno, Reno shoots him and makes off with the money. But Turner doesn't die -- rather, he is discovered and mended by a beautiful Mexican woman named Maria (Pamela Duncan). After he is fully recovered, Turner sets off to exact his revenge on Reno, vowing never to rest until Reno is dead and he's recovered his share of the loot.

Cast: Sterling Hayden, Pamela Duncan, Ted de Corsia

Director: Carl K. Hittleman , Sidney Franklin

Genres: Western

Keywords: Rivalry, Revenge, Gripping, Pursuit

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