• Gun Brothers (1956)

Gun Brothers

Release Date: 1956

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 19 min

Plot Summary

Traveling to what he thinks is his brother's cattle ranch, Chad Santee (Buster Crabbe) meets pretty Rose Fargo (Ann Robinson) when he saves her from the clutches of bad guy Blackjack (James Seay). Together, the two visit Chad's brother, Jubal (Neville Brand), only to learn that he is actually a cattle rustler. They convince him to go straight, antagonizing his partner, Shawnee Jack (Michael Ansara), who feels so betrayed that he comes after all three of them with guns blazing.

Cast: Buster Crabbe, Ann Robinson, Neville Brand, Michael Ansara, James Seay

Director: Sidney Salkow

Genres: Western

Production Co: Grand Productions

Keywords: Tense, Gritty, Love, Revenge, Transformation, Gripping, Brother

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