Heart Into Hearts

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Heart Into Hearts
Chu LaiNgor Carol Dodo Cheng and her daughter Vivian Vivian Chow have now moved in with Alex Lui George Lam Theyre not married yet but shes calling herself Mrs Lui now Just when the ultimate housewife and ultimate nag Ngor thought she got rid of her competitor for Alex in the first movie she now has more competition in the form of choreographer director Joe Maggie Cheung Alexs cousin from Canada Ao Hui Siu Hung also present him with a bunch of problems and thoughts in his head with his kids and his perverted attitude What will Ngor Alex and Joe do
DirectorStephen Shin
WritersCheng Siu-keungKin Chung ChanSiu-Hung Leung

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Original Language:Chinese
Production Companies:D B Films

Heart... Collection

A series of three Hong Kong contemporary tales starring George Lam, all directed by Stephen Shin.