• High Plains Drifter (2003)

High Plains Drifter

Release Date: September 6th, 2003

DVD Release Date: February 24th, 1998

R |1 hr 45 min

Plot Summary

In this Western, a drifter with no name (Clint Eastwood) wanders into a small town, where his gun-slinging abilities are in high demand. When the drifter rides into Lago, he is met with incredulity and disapproval by the townspeople. But once he shows his skills with a pistol, the locals realize he may be able to help them fend off a band of criminals who have been terrorizing the town. He agrees to help the townspeople, but does so with his own secret agenda.

Cast: Clint Eastwood, Verna Bloom, Marianna Hill, Mitch Ryan, Jack Ging, Stefan Gierasch, Ted Hartley, Billy Curtis

Director: Clint Eastwood

Genres: Western

Production Co: Universal Pictures, The Malpaso Company

Keywords: Wife , Gritty , Murder , Pursuit , Survival , Revenge ,