I Still Dream Of Jeannie

I Still Dream Of Jeannie (1991)

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Col. Nelson is on a long-term, top-secret space mission. Jeannie cannot bring him home (temporarily) to hear their son's important academic presentation without knowing exactly where he is in the first place. The general in charge of the mission won't reveal anything. Things are further complicated when Jeannie's sister (Jeannie II) reminds Sham-Ir, the head of the genies, that a genie on Earth cannot go more than 3 months without an earthly master. (Col. Nelson is no longer Earthly, being in space.) Sham-Ir give Jeannie I a fortnight (14 days) to either find Col. Nelson or get a new master, a single male. (Col. Healy can't help, since he's now married.)

Joseph L. Scanlan
Barbara Edenas Jeannie
Bill Dailyas Colonel Roger Healey
Al Waxmanas Gen. Wescott

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Original Language:English
Production Companies:Twilight Motion Picture Seven Ltd. Partnership, Columbia Pictures Television, Bar-Gene Productions