Icarus Poster

Release Date: 2010

DVD Release Date: September 14th, 2010

R|1 hr 28 min

Plot Summary
Edward Genn (Dolph Lundgren) is ex-KGB, but he's seemingly gone straight. He works in a Vancouver, British Columbia, real estate office, is married to a woman named Joey (Stefanie von Pfetten) and has a daughter, Taylor (Katelyn Mager). But he also still performs hits for the Russian mob under the alias "Icarus" and sees little of his family. When a job in Hong Kong goes bad and his cover is blown, Edward must return home, find his loved ones and protect them from his vicious employers.

Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Katelyn Mager, Lindsay Maxwell, Samantha Ferris, Marian Koprada, John Tench, David Lewis, Monique Ganderton

Director: Dolph Lundgren

Genres: Thriller, Action

Production Co: CineTel Films, Insight Film Studios

Keywords: 2000s, Quest, Escape, Family, Daughter, Rescue, Girlfriend, Melodramatic, Wife, Tense