Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006)

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A prequel to "Stone Cold", the story picks up after Jesse Stone is fired from the Los Angeles Police Department. He becomes an unlikely candidate recruited by a town council to become police chief of Paradise, MA, a small fishing town on Boston's North Shore. The board hopes his failed experience will keep him from digging too deep into the town's secrets. His first assignment is to investigate the murder of his predecessor whose death may be tied to a local domestic disturbance case, with connections to money laundering and murder involving some of the town's most affluent names as possible suspects.

Jesse Stone Collection

Series of movies based on detective novels written by Robert B. Parker. The movies begin out of sequence with the original books but stay relatively true to storylines and character with exceptions made mostly for network viewing palatability.

Movie Details

Original Language:English
Executive Producers:Tom Selleck, Michael Brandman
Production Companies:Sony Pictures Television Studios, Brandman Productions, TWS Productions II