'Keep An Eye Out' Trailer

Jan 27, 2021 - Belgian funnyman Benoît Poelvoorde (Man Bites Dog) is Commissaire Buran, a good, bad cop interrogating Fugain (Grégoire Ludig), an average Joe who discovered a dead body outside his apartment building. As the film begins, Fugain must, on an empty stomach, explain how and why he happened to leave home seven times in one night before coming across a corpse in a puddle of blood. Since he’s the investigation’s only suspect, Fugain’s anxiety is already sky-high when Buran leaves him alone with Philippe, a one-eyed rookie cop with bizarre speech patterns and a few minutes to live.

Keep an Eye Out
TMDb Score
NR 1 hr 13 minMar 5th, 2021Comedy
Quentin Dupieux
Benoît Poelvoordeas Commissaire Buron
Grégoire Ludigas Louis Fugain, le suspect
Anaïs Demoustieras Fiona, sa femme