Lenny Poster

Release Date: February 4th, 1997

DVD Release Date: April 16th, 2002

R|1 hr 52 min

Plot Summary
Controversial comedian Lenny Bruce (Dustin Hoffman) begins his career telling bad jokes to bored audiences in the 1950s, but can't repress his desire to unleash edgier material. When he does, he begins a one-man campaign to break down social hypocrisy, and his groundbreaking stage act propels him to cult-hero status. When authorities ban Lenny's act for obscenity, he begins a downward spiral of drugs, sex and debt, aided by his bombshell wife, a stripper named Honey (Valerie Perrine).

Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Valerie Perrine, Jan Miner, Stanley Beck, Gary Morton, Rashel Novikoff, Guy Rennie, Frankie Man

Director: Bob Fosse

Genres: Biography

Production Co: Marvin Worth Productions [us]

Keywords: Mother, New York City, 1960s, Fall, 1950s, Police officer


Nominated Directing
Nominated Best Picture
Nominated Best Director - Motion Picture
Nominated Writing (Screenplay Adapted From Other Material)
Nominated Cinematography