Lichtmond Moonlight

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Lichtmond  Moonlight
Brother George and Martin Koppeheli Avenue Music the authors are popular among fans of multichannel music and not just a series of Ambra represent a new project Lichtmond Moonlight The visual part is the animation Spanish cartoonist Diego M Bonati Studio ImagoD fantastic worlds created specifically for Lichtmond
DirectorsGeorge KoppeheliMartin Koppeheli
WritersMartin Koppeheli George Koppeheli

Lichtmond Collection

Very beautiful, insightful love poems, catchy ambient pop and chill-out songs weaved into enthralling tapestries of sound as well as captivating and fascinating 3D animated imagery - that is the magic world of LICHTMOND. The viewer is whisked away to an enchanting universe of fantasy the minute he enters.

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Original Language:English
Production Companies:Alve AG