• Lightning -- The White Stallion (1986) Cast & Crew

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  • Martin Charles  Warner
    Martin Charles Warner as Emmett Fallon
  • Francoise  Pascal
    Francoise Pascal as Marie Ward Leeman
  • Read  Morgan
    Read Morgan as Harvey Leeman
  • Stanley  Siegel
    Stanley Siegel as Jim Piper
  • Jay  Rasumny
    Jay Rasumny as Johnny
  • Debra  Berger
    Debra Berger as Lili Castle
  • Murray  Langston
    Murray Langston as Gorman
  • Rick  Lundin
    Rick Lundin as Max
  • Justin  Lundin
    Justin Lundin as Wiley
  • Charles  Pitt
    Charles Pitt as Judge
  • Sheila  Colligan
    Sheila Colligan as Registrar
  • Karen  Davis
    Karen Davis as Melinda
  • Claudia  Stenke
    Claudia Stenke as Danielle
  • Rob  Gage
    Rob Gage as Himself
  • Jennifer  Young
    Jennifer Young as Rob Gage's Girlfriend
  • Shannon  McLeod
    Shannon McLeod as Daphne
  • William A.  Levey
    William A. Levey as Ophthamologist
  • Bradley C. Golden
    Bradley C. Golden as Neighbor
  • Ayanna  DuLaney
    Ayanna DuLaney as Nurse