Love Me or Leave Me (2010)

"Comedy, Musicals, Plays"
Not Yet Rated 1 hr 28 minNov 13th, 2010Family, Comedy

In the tradition of the critically acclaimed gospel plays sweeping the nation, comes one of the most powerful and entertaining productions to date, an inspirational musical stage play that will evoke an array of emotions. Cynthia Wyatt abandons her fraternal twin infants as a troubled teen, leaving her own mother Annie Ruth Wyatt to raise the children. Now it’s 25 years later and one of the twins, Josephine Wyatt, is an attorney at Barnes & Barnes Law firm and engaged to the man of her dreams, Justin. Cynthia then returns to the scene to reclaim her place in her children’s lives. Will she be accepted? Will we discover her reasons for leaving years ago?

John Ruffin
Elise Nealas Josephine Wyatt
Carl Anthony Payne IIas Joseph Wyatt
Terri J. Vaughnas Sheila Edwards