Moontide Poster

Release Date: 1942

Not Yet Rated|1 hr 34 min

Plot Summary
Bobo (Jean Gabin), a lonely longshoreman with a nasty drinking problem, awakes after a rough bender with no memory of the night before and an unsettling suspicion that he has killed someone. Deeply rattled, he buries himself in work on a remote barge and finds a new distraction after rescuing a suicidal waitress (Ida Lupino) from the cruel waters. Soon love blossoms between this melancholy pair, but Tiny (Thomas Mitchell), Bobo's jealous pal, has dark plans to regain Bobo's full attention.

Cast: Jean Gabin, Ida Lupino, Thomas Mitchell, Claude Rains, Helene Reynolds, Ralph Byrd, Chester Gan, Arthur Aylesworth

Director: Archie Mayo

Genres: Drama

Keywords: Love, Bar, Brooding, Mystery, Dark, Doctor, Gripping, Murder, 1940s, Friend


Nominated Cinematography (Black-and-White)