• Mr. Reliable: A True Story (1996)

Mr. Reliable: A True Story

Release Date: 1996

R |1 hr 52 min

Plot Summary

A well-meaning ex-con accidentally becomes a cause célèbre for the dispossessed youth of Australia. Wally Mellish (Colin Friels) and his girlfriend, Beryl (Jacqueline McKenzie), are raising her son when the former jailbird engages in petty theft. Wally and Beryl's home is quickly besieged by Sydney police. A misunderstanding ensues, and soon police think they're dealing with a hostage situation. The press jumps on the story, and the nation's youth begins to see themselves in Wally's plight.

Cast: Colin Friels, Jacqueline McKenzie, Paul Sonkkila, Frank Gallacher, Barry Otto, Lisa Hensley, Ken Radley, Neil Fitzpatrick

Director: Nadia Tass

Genres: Comedy drama

Keywords: Girlfriend, House, Underdog, Amusing, 1960s, Engaging, Police officer, Transformation