Pirates Down the Street II: The Ninjas from Across

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Pirates Down the Street II: The Ninjas from Across
The pirates feel right at home in Sandborough, but the atmosphere cools right down when the ninjas come to live in the street. After all, pirates and ninjas are sworn enemies! While pirate captain Hector Blunderbuss struggles to get rid of his new neighbours, son Billy and ninja daughter Yuka become friends. The pirates challenge the ninjas to the ultimate battle at the village's annual hexathlon. Who will win the match? Ninjas are faster and more agile of course, but pirates are the best cheats in all of the seven seas...
WritersSander de RegtReggie Naus

Pirates Down the Street Collection

The adventures of the Blunderbuss', a pirate family living in Sandsborough.

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Original Language:Dutch
Executive Producers:Willem Pruijssers, Marcel de Block, Daan Mollema
Production Companies:Johan Nijenhuis & Co (NL), EO - EO (NL)