My Girlfriend Is an Agent

My Girlfriend Is an Agent (2009)

TMDb Score
Not Yet Rated 1 hr 52 minNov 11th, 2009Comedy, Action

Disguised as a travel agent, “Su-ji” is a government spy with six years’ experience who can’t reveal her career to her boyfriend “Jae-joon.” After she lies again, her boyfriend breaks up with her and leaves without notice, leaving her struggling alone with her sadness. Three years later, while chasing an industrial spy in disguise as a cleaning lady, she happens to run into Jae-joon. He’s become an international certified accountant, and seeing him throws her feelings into doubt.Lying is part of the job, secrecy is the name of the game in "My Girlfriend is an Agent".

Shin Tae-Ra
Kim Ha-neulas Soo-ji
Kang Ji-hwanas Jae-joon
Ryu Seung-ryongas Won-seok