Oskar das Schlitzohr und Fanny Supergirl

"Criminal Grandpa Meets Autistic Granddaughter"Movie
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Oskar das Schlitzohr und Fanny Supergirl
NR 1 hr 28 minFamily, TV Movie, Comedy
Grandpa Oskar takes neither the truth nor himself very seriously The rascal has just been released from prison where he was serving a sentence for imposture Since the excon needs a place to stay he quartered himself in the old construction trailer in the farthest corner of the garden of his daughter Tilda who is still mad at him The senior soon meets his autistic granddaughter Fanny whose antics and peculiarities threaten to break the family under In contrast to the old man the 8yearold takes the truth very seriously In order to gain their trust Oskar does not introduce himself to the comicloving girl as the criminal grandpa who has been missing for years but as Professor Krypton For Fanny who prefers to wear a brightly colored superhero costume and is teased at school for it the omniscient mentor from the Superman planet comes along just at the right time because she has a dream To win the talent competition at school
DirectorMarkus Herling

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Original Language:German
Production Companies:Neue Schönhauser Filmproduktion ARD Degeto ARD