Outside of Paradise

Outside of Paradise (1938)

NR 1 hr 8 minFeb 8th, 1938
Daniel Francis O'Toole, singing maestro in a New York restaurant, finds himself the unexpected heir to an estate in Ireland. He doesn't have money enough for the passage to Ireland, but the band members decide to incorporate him, advancing him the fare for equal shares in the estate. In Ireland, Danny finds that his is only a half-share, and the other half belongs to Mavourneen Kerrigan and she has the exclusive right to sell or keep the property...which, despite his pleas, she refuses to do. She also declares him an undesired guest, objects to his presence and insists that he prepare his own meals. He does so in a large main hall, but can only make hamburgers.
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DirectorJohn H. Auer

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Original Language:English