Outside Voices (2015)

Outside Voices
Its time to get to know Jenn Shelton one of the most outspoken voices in running Known for her shenanigans featured in the bestselling book Born to Run Shelton is both a runner and an author in her own right far more complicated than appears at a casual glance She makes her home in a small van known originally as HiC for its initial inclination to high center owning only what it can carry She travels around the Mountain West spreading her unique approach to the wilderness This is an insiders view in black amp white Filmed towards the end of summer in the great American West Featuring Jenn Shelton with a cameo by Anton Krupicka This is the second production from The Wolpertinger which in 2013 produced In the High Country vimeocomondemandinthehighcountry
StarringJenn Shelton
DirectorJoel Wolpert