Pearl Jam: MTV Unplugged

Pearl Jam: MTV Unplugged (1992)

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Not Yet Rated 36 minMay 13th, 1992Music

Pearl Jam live rarely disappoints and this collection of songs straight from their first smash Ten (save for the State of Love and Trust song which you'll recognise if you've listened to enough rock radio over the years, but for some idiotic reason was left off the album) is one of their classic shows. They're so into the swing of things, as are the audience, that nothing goes wrong. It's one of those cases where the only real flaw is a typical limitation of television: it's only 35 minutes long! Even on the re-release on DVD (it comes with the deluxe package of the Ten reissue) there are no extra songs, no extra pieces of fat like when Nirvana or Alice in Chains had their unplugged performances released. It is what it is, and gives the MTV folks perhaps TOO much time for commercials.

Eddie Vedderas Vocals
Stone Gossardas Guitar