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NR 2 hr 31 minRomance, Drama
Yogi Joshi Kamal Sadanah is the hardworking middle class student who goes to college with the traditional Pooja Ayesha Julka who is the daughter of a singlefather Pooja has been in love with Yogi for quite some time but Yogi seems to see her as a good friend Yogis father Bharat Kapoor works at the factory owned by the successful Indu Singh Amrita Singh Indu admits her daughter into the same college as Yogi and Pooja She is a trustee of the college and is assured by the Principal that Kajal is in good hands Kajal Divya Bharti goes to college and tries to park in Poojas spot but Pooja cuts her off The two get in an altercation and to show Pooja how much power Kajal has she drives her jeep into the corridors of the college and stops right in front of Pooja and her friends including Yogi
DirectorTalat Jani