• Restoration (1995)


Release Date: December 29th, 1995

DVD Release Date: August 3rd, 1999

R |1 hr 58 min

Plot Summary

In order to keep one of his mistresses, Celia (Polly Walker), at arm's length, King Charles II (Sam Neill) asks the royal physician, Robert Merivel (Robert Downey Jr.), to marry her under the proviso that they never become intimate. Merivel agrees, only to discover he can't resist Celia, and soon finds himself out of the king's favor. Destitute, he devotes himself to helping Londoners suffering from the plague, and in the process falls in love with an equally poor woman, Katherine (Meg Ryan).

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Sam Neill, David Thewlis, Polly Walker, Meg Ryan, Ian McKellen, Hugh Grant, Hugh McDiarmid

Director: Michael Hoffman

Genres: Drama

Production Co: Miramax

Keywords: Underdog, Love, Emotional, London, England, Doctor, Transformation, Fall, Daughter, Amusing

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British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1995)
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