Return to Horror High Poster

Release Date: January 28th, 1987

DVD Release Date: November 27th, 2001

R|1 hr 35 min

Plot Summary
In the early 1980s, a series of gruesome murders occurred at Crippen High School. The killer was never apprehended. A few years later, a film crew uses the now-abandoned Crippen High as the set for a film about the murders. But an uninvited guest star -- the killer the film is based on -- makes a cameo appearance on the set. As the murderous madman terrorizes the cast and crew, leading man Steven Blake (Brendan Hughes) and leading lady Callie Cassidy (Lori Lethin) set out to stop him.

Cast: Lori Lethin, Brendan Hughes, Vince Edwards, Scott Jacoby, Alex Rocco, Andy Romano, Richard Brestoff, Al Fann

Director: Bill Froehlich

Genres: Horror

Keywords: Escape, Survival, Mystery, Murder, 1980s, Cheeky, Investigation, Police officer