Scratch the Surface

Scratch the Surface (1997)

"Have you ever wondered what it's really like to be an internationally known supermodel at the age of seventeen? It's not what you think."
Not Yet Rated 1 hrOct 15th, 1997Documentary

What you see on the magazine covers and on catwalks around the world is far from the whole story; indeed, it is far from the truth. In this captivating inside look at the cutthroat modeling industry, supermodel Tara Fitzpatrick talks in-depth with her famous friends, revealing why and how they landed on the catwalk and the effect of their instant fame. Their candidness is both surprising and shocking.

Tara Fitzpatrick
Brooke Shieldsas Herself
Phoebe Catesas Herself
Whitney Houstonas Herself

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DVD Release Date:August 27th, 2002
Original Language:English
Production Companies:Mildred Prods.
Movie Tags:modeling