Simon Magus

Simon Magus (2001)

"misfit - outcast - turncoat - prophet - hero"
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Not Yet Rated 1 hr 41 minMar 30th, 2001Drama, Mystery, Fantasy

Simon is an outcast from his Jewish community because he claims that the devil talks to him and he has the ability to put curses on crops. When Dovid asks the 'Squire' to sell him some land so he can build a railway station, a ruthless businessman from the neighbouring gentile community uses Simon to find out who wants to buy the land so he can 'persuade' him otherwise

Ben Hopkins
Noah Tayloras Simon
Stuart Townsendas Dovid Bendal
Sean McGinleyas Maximillian Hase

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Original Language:English
Production Companies:Film Four International, Lucky Red, ARP Sélection, Goldwyn Films, Jonescompany Productions, Hollywood Partners, Arts Council of England