Sing My Life

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Sing My Life
NR 2 hr 5 minFantasy, Drama, Music, Comedy
Katsu Mitsuko Baisho is a 73yearsold woman She often makes trouble with her biting remarks While raising a daughter alone Katsu was unable to live the life she wished for One day Katsu goes to a photo studio and takes a picture She leaves the photo studio but finds that she is now 20yearsold Mikako Tabe again Katsu changes out of her grandmother clothes picks out a more youthful style and names herself Setsuko Otori Later Katsu decides to take part in a singing contest held in a shopping district Her singing fascinates the audience and she wins the contest Katsu begins to move closer to her past dream of becoming a singer
DirectorNobuo Mizuta
WriterYoshizawa Tomoko

Movie Details

Original Language:Japanese
Executive Producers:Seiji Okuda, Yoshio Nakayama
Production Companies:Shochiku CJ Entertainment
Movie Tags:remake