Six Pack Poster

Release Date: 1982

DVD Release Date: April 4th, 2006

PG|1 hr 48 min

Plot Summary
When race car driver Brewster (Kenny Rogers) stops at a gas station in Texas, he returns to find that his race car has been stripped bare. He chases down the culprits, who turn out to be a group of mechanically inclined orphans, led by young Breezy (Diane Lane) and her brother, Doc (Anthony Michael Hall). But Brewster learns that the local sheriff (Barry Corbin) has blackmailed the kids into doing his illegal bidding, so the race car driver decides to take on the poor orphans as his pit crew.

Cast: Kenny Rogers, Diane Lane, Erin Gray, Barry Corbin, Terry Kiser, Bob Hannah, Tom Abernathy, Robbie Fleming

Director: Daniel Petrie

Genres: Comedy drama

Keywords: Lighthearted, Endearing, Amusing, Rivalry, Rescue, 1980s, Playful, Brother, Underdog, Sister