• Sleeper (1973) Cast & Crew

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  • Bartlett  Robinson
    Bartlett Robinson as Dr. Orva
  • Mary  Gregory
    Mary Gregory as Dr. Melik
  • Chris  Forbes
    Chris Forbes as Rainer Krebs
  • Peter  Hobbs
    Peter Hobbs as Dr. Dean
  • Spencer  Milligan
    Spencer Milligan as Jeb Hrmthmg
  • Stanley  Ross
    Stanley Ross as Sears Swiggles
  • Brian  Avery
    Brian Avery as Herald Cohen
  • Don  Keefer
    Don Keefer as Dr. Tryon
  • Jessica  Rains
    Jessica Rains as Woman in the mirror
  • Susan  Miller
    Susan Miller as Ellen Pogrebin