• Woody  Allen

    Woody Allen

    Born on December 1st, 1935

    From Brooklyn, New York

Awards & Nominations

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Golden Globe (2014)
Cecille B. DeMille Award
British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1997)
Zelig Poster


In this fictional documentary, a man achieves notoriety for his ability to look and act like anyone he meets. With his unique talent for mimicry, Zelig (Woody Allen) ingratiates himself with people from every sector of society. His chameleon-like skill catches the eye of Eudora Fletcher (Mia Farrow), a doctor who thinks Zelig is in need of serious cognitive analysis. Their relationship moves in a direction that's not often covered in medical textbooks.

Golden Globe (1984)
Best Performance By an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy
Manhattan Poster


Director Woody Allen's love letter to New York City stars Allen as frustrated television writer Isaac Davis, a twice-divorced malcontent facing middle age alone after his wife, Jill (Meryl Streep), leaves him for a woman. Isaac is dating fresh-faced Tracy (Mariel Hemingway), a high school girl he knows is wrong for him, and begins to wonder if he and brainy writer Mary (Diane Keaton), the mistress of his best friend, Yale (Michael Murphy), might make a better couple.

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1979)