• Small Change (1991)

Small Change

Release Date: August 28th, 1991

DVD Release Date: January 23rd, 2001

PG |1 hr 44 min

Plot Summary

Filmed in the small French city of Thiers, François Truffaut's episodic comedy-drama concerns one of the director's favorite subjects: childhood. A class clown stalls the teacher long enough to avoid answering a question, a toddler ends up on a high window ledge, a little girl announces to the neighborhood that her parents are punishing her, and the new boy in school hides his poor, abusive home life in these intertwining stories illustrating the joys and sorrows of growing up.

Cast: Georges Desmouceaux, Richard Golfier, Sylvie Grezel, Pascale Bruchon, Chantal Mercier

Director: François Truffaut

Genres: Comedy drama

Production Co: Les Films du Carrosse, Les Productions Artistes Associés

Keywords: 1970s, Witty, Playful, Endearing, Growing up, Love, Mother, Transformation, School

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Nominated Best Motion Picture - Foreign Language