Tamale Road A Memoir from El Salvador (2012)

Tamale Road A Memoir from El Salvador
Salvadoran born Amanda Reyes lost her father to murder in 1929 She was three She was taken away from her family and lived her entire life not knowing who they were In 2009 her son Marcos Reyes Villatoro searched the entire country for the family His search for the Reyes family is more than curiosity its his obsession Like many Latinos in the US Marcos has the need to know on a deeper level What does it mean to be Latino He searches for his roots And what he finds is not pleasant His family was involved in the Salvadoran struggles in a way hed never dreamed
DirectorsRaquel McPeek RodriguezMarcos Villatoro

Movie Details

Theatrical Release:June 1st, 2012
Original Language:English
Executive Producers:Kelby Thwaits, Charles L. Bunce