• The Brave Bulls (2001)

The Brave Bulls

Release Date: September 21st, 2001

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 54 min

Plot Summary

Bullfighter Luis Bello (Mel Ferrer) is a star, but fear and doubt strike quickly after he is injured in the ring. Manager Raul Fuentes (Anthony Quinn) refuses to let him give up, though, pushing Luis to overcome his doubt and remain a matador. Luis agrees, but complications ensue when he falls for Raul's girlfriend, Linda (Miroslava). Things get even worse after a tragic accident and a public embarrassment. Now, to salvage his dignity, Luis needs one last shot in the ring.

Cast: Mel Ferrer, Anthony Quinn, Miroslava , Eugene Iglesias, José Torvay, Charlita , Alfredo Aguilar, Jose Luis Vasquez

Director: Robert Rossen

Genres: Drama

Production Co: Columbia Pictures

Keywords: Brother, Tense, 1950s, Moving, Transformation, Death, Love, Fall, Girlfriend

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