The Century Is Fifty

The Century Is Fifty

Not Yet Rated 1 hr 26 minDocumentary

As the title of this French documentary indicates, Ce Siecle a 50 Ans examines the 20th Century at its halfway point. Utilizing the archives of several European film reserves, director Denise Tua offers a fascinating mosaic of the people and events that shaped the years 1900 to 1950. Complementing the vintage film clips are three dramatized sketches, delineating the romantic customs of three different points in time. These sketches are inadequately performed, and can easily be ignored. Ce Siecle a 50 Ans both preserved and provided celluloid material for scores of future documentaries.

Roland Tual
Denise Tual
Werner Malbran
Pierre Fresnayas Narrator (voice)
Sarah Bernhardtas Herself (archive footage)
Jean Cocteauas Himself

Movie Details

Original Language:French
Production Companies:Union Générale Cinématographique (UGC), Malbran, S.E.P.I.C.