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Release Date: March 30th, 2018

R|1 hr 24 min

Plot Summary
Investors seeking new alternatives for high returns find a gold mine in China -- until the discovery of a massive web of fraud calls everything else into question.

Director: Jed Rothstein

Genres: Documentary

Production Co: Kennedy/Marshall, S.J. Gibson Films, Jigsaw Productions

Distributors: Magnolia Pictures

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  • The China Hustle handily clarifies opaque topics and moves like a bullet, but the bullet catches us right in the gut. By the time the film ends you’ll wish you could go back to being ignorant again. show more

  • A brisk, entertaining documentary that shows how the world of investment works. show more

  • Docs like Jed Rothstein's excellent The China Hustle present us with such frequent occasions for outrage that, in the interest of fairness, it's time for a few top documentarians to assemble a five-minute disclaimer to run in front of each new exposé. show more

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