The Doobie Brothers Let The Music Play (2012)

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The Doobie Brothers  Let The Music Play
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Let The Music Play is the authorized story of The Doobie Brothers from their beginnings as a biker band in California in 1970 through their breakthrough with Listen To The Music in 1972 sustained success and lineup changes in the midseventies and their change of musical direction and further success following the arrival of Michael McDonald in 1976 Worn out by nonstop touring and internal disagreements the band broke up after a farewell concert in 1982 There were sporadic reunions in the eighties before the band reformed permanently in the early nineties and have continued touring and recording ever since This new film features contributions from all the surviving key band members their manager Bruce Cohn and long term producer Ted Templeman to tell the full story of the bands highs and lows through four decades of musical evolution

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Theatrical Release:November 20th, 2012
Original Language:English