The Lost World Poster

Release Date: 1960

DVD Release Date: September 11th, 2007

Not Yet Rated|1 hr 38 min

Plot Summary
Anthropology professor George Challenger (Claude Rains), explorer Lord John Roxton (Michael Rennie) and an assorted team of thrill seekers and experts trek through a Venezuelan rainforest that they suspect may be home to living prehistoric creatures. Before long Challenger, Lord John and company discover a valley filled with vicious dinosaurs and oversize arachnids -- unfortunately, their chopper breaks down, leaving them stranded in one of the deadliest environments on Earth.

Cast: Michael Rennie, Jill St. John, Claude Rains, Fernando Lamas, Richard Haydn, Ray Stricklyn, Jay Novello, Vitina Marcus

Director: Irwin Allen

Genres: Science fiction

Keywords: Escape, Emotional, London, Suspenseful, 1960s, Survival, Rivalry