Full Cast & Crew

  • Pat  Moore
    Pat Moore as The Son of Pharaoh
  • James  Neill
    James Neill as Aaron
  • Lawson  Butt
    Lawson Butt as Dathan
  • Clarence  Burton
    Clarence Burton as The Taskmaster
  • Noble  Johnson
    Noble Johnson as The Bronze Man
  • Edythe  Chapman
    Edythe Chapman as Mrs. Martha McTavish
  • Richard  Dix
    Richard Dix as John McTavish
  • Rod  La Rocque
    Rod La Rocque as Dan McTavish
  • Leatrice  Joy
    Leatrice Joy as Mary Leigh
  • Nita  Naldi
    Nita Naldi as Sally Lung
  • Robert  Edeson
    Robert Edeson as Redding
  • Charles  Ogle
    Charles Ogle as The Doctor
  • Agnes  Ayres
    Agnes Ayres as The Outcast