• The Winslow Boy (1999) Cast & Crew

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  • Guy  Edwards
    Guy Edwards as Ronald Arthur 'Ronnie' Winslow
  • Matthew  Pidgeon
    Matthew Pidgeon as Dickie Winslow
  • Colin  Stinton
    Colin Stinton as Desmond Curry
  • Aden  Gillett
    Aden Gillett as John Watherstone, Kate's Suitor
  • Sarah  Flind
    Sarah Flind as Violet, the Housekeeper
  • Neil  North
    Neil North as First Lord
  • Sara  Stewart
    Sara Stewart as Miss Barnes, Beacon Reporter
  • Perry  Fenwick
    Perry Fenwick as Fred
  • Alan  Polanski
    Alan Polanski as Mr. Michaels
  • Duncan  Gould
    Duncan Gould as Commons Reporter
  • Jim  Dunk
    Jim Dunk as Colleague
  • Ian  Soundy
    Ian Soundy as Local Reporter
  • Eve  Bland
    Eve Bland as Suffragette
  • Chris  Porter
    Chris Porter as MP