Whats New ScoobyDoo Vol 10 Monstrous Tails (2007)

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Whats New ScoobyDoo Vol 10 Monstrous Tails
Snoop along with ScoobyDoo Shaggy Velma Daphne and Fred one last time in this 10th and Final Volume of Whats New Scooby Doo Volume 10 Monstrous Tails The gang flies to the South Pole to fish for clues in hopes of hooking an amphibious menace in Uncle Scooby and Antarctica Heading north to the Orient they toy around in a giant water ducky to cool off a ferocious Chinese fireshooting dragon in BlockLong Hong Kong Terror Back down under in Australias Great Barrier Reef artist Shaggy enters a sand castle contest where a yucky corral creature threatens to wash away his dreams of Clamalot in Great Reef So its good to finally be back in their old Kentucky home Fort Knox to be exact until a golden ghoul turns everything it touches into statues with its gold finger in Gold Paw