February 1915 Movies

Ambrose's Sour Grapes Poster
Ambrose's Sour Grapes March 1, 1915
Who Pays? Poster
Who Pays? March 1, 1915
Hogan Out West Poster
Hogan Out West February 27, 1915
Ham and the Jitney Bus Poster
Ham and the Jitney Bus February 26, 1915
The Life of Abraham Lincoln Poster
The Life of Abraham Lincoln February 26, 1915
Old Isaacson's Diamonds Poster
Old Isaacson's Diamonds February 25, 1915
Slim Higgins Poster
Slim Higgins February 23, 1915
A Lucky Leap Poster
A Lucky Leap February 22, 1915
The Secret Room Poster
The Secret Room February 22, 1915
Alias Jimmy Valentine Poster
Alias Jimmy Valentine February 22, 1915
Patsy's Elopement Poster
Patsy's Elopement February 22, 1915
David Harum Poster
David Harum February 22, 1915
Hearts and Planets Poster
Hearts and Planets February 20, 1915
The Frame-Up on Dad Poster
The Frame-Up on Dad February 20, 1915
Mr. 'Silent' Haskins Poster
Mr. 'Silent' Haskins February 19, 1915
Ye Olden Grafter Poster
Ye Olden Grafter February 18, 1915
Almost a Scandal Poster
Almost a Scandal February 17, 1915
Bill Haywood, Producer Poster
Bill Haywood, Producer February 16, 1915
A Night Out Poster
A Night Out February 15, 1915
The Warrens of Virginia Poster
The Warrens of Virginia February 14, 1915
Hogan's Romance Upset Poster
Hogan's Romance Upset February 13, 1915
Harold's Bad Man Poster
Harold's Bad Man February 12, 1915
Broncho Billy's Sentence Poster
Broncho Billy's Sentence February 12, 1915
In the Tennessee Hills Poster
In the Tennessee Hills February 12, 1915
The Lone Game Poster
The Lone Game February 11, 1915
Father was a Loafer Poster
Father was a Loafer February 10, 1915
Roping a Bride Poster
Roping a Bride February 9, 1915
Sweedie Goes to College Poster
Sweedie Goes to College February 8, 1915
The Birth of a Nation Poster
The Birth of a Nation February 8, 1915
A Bird's a Bird Poster
A Bird's a Bird February 8, 1915
Caught in a Park Poster
Caught in a Park February 6, 1915
Lizzie’s Dizzy Career Poster
Lizzie’s Dizzy Career February 5, 1915
The Green Cat Poster
The Green Cat February 5, 1915
He Wouldn't Stay Down Poster
He Wouldn't Stay Down February 2, 1915
Forked Trails Poster
Forked Trails February 2, 1915
The Home Breakers Poster
The Home Breakers February 1, 1915
Mistress Nell Poster
Mistress Nell February 1, 1915
Fatty's New Role Poster
Fatty's New Role February 1, 1915
His New Job Poster
His New Job February 1, 1915
Cabman Kate Poster
Cabman Kate February 1, 1915