December 1952 Movies

World Without End Poster
World Without End January 1, 1953
Eaux d'artifice Poster
Eaux d'artifice January 1, 1953
Planet Outlaws Poster
Planet Outlaws January 1, 1953
Daybreak Express Poster
Daybreak Express January 1, 1953
Stolen Identity Poster
Stolen Identity January 1, 1953
Meet Me at the Fair Poster
Meet Me at the Fair January 1, 1953
Pony Express Poster
Pony Express January 1, 1953
The Tall Texan Poster
The Tall Texan January 1, 1953
Blades of the Musketeers Poster
Blades of the Musketeers January 1, 1953
Home at Seven Poster
Home at Seven January 1, 1953
Trance and Dance in Bali Poster
Trance and Dance in Bali December 31, 1952
The Stooge Poster
The Stooge December 31, 1952
Above and Beyond Poster
Above and Beyond December 31, 1952
The Jazz Singer Poster
The Jazz Singer December 30, 1952
Hiawatha Poster
Hiawatha December 28, 1952
The Gambler and the Lady Poster
The Gambler and the Lady December 26, 1952
The Member of the Wedding Poster
The Member of the Wedding December 25, 1952
The Bad and the Beautiful Poster
The Bad and the Beautiful December 25, 1952
Ruby Gentry Poster
Ruby Gentry December 25, 1952
My Cousin Rachel Poster
My Cousin Rachel December 25, 1952
Blackbeard, the Pirate Poster
Blackbeard, the Pirate December 24, 1952
April in Paris Poster
April in Paris December 24, 1952
Come Back, Little Sheba Poster
Come Back, Little Sheba December 24, 1952
Against All Flags Poster
Against All Flags December 24, 1952
Moulin Rouge Poster
Moulin Rouge December 23, 1952
The Sound Barrier Poster
The Sound Barrier December 21, 1952
Hare Lift Poster
Hare Lift December 20, 1952
Hans Christian Andersen Poster
Hans Christian Andersen December 19, 1952
Derby Day Poster
Derby Day December 16, 1952
How to Be a Detective Poster
How to Be a Detective December 12, 1952
Sky Full of Moon Poster
Sky Full of Moon December 12, 1952
The Star Poster
The Star December 11, 1952
Stop, You're Killing Me Poster
Stop, You're Killing Me December 10, 1952
Invasion, U.S.A. Poster
Invasion, U.S.A. December 10, 1952
Bomba and the Jungle Girl Poster
Bomba and the Jungle Girl December 7, 1952
Forbidden Games Poster
Forbidden Games December 7, 1952
Termites from Mars Poster
Termites from Mars December 7, 1952
Million Dollar Mermaid Poster
Million Dollar Mermaid December 4, 1952
The Planter's Wife Poster
The Planter's Wife December 4, 1952
Eight Iron Men Poster
Eight Iron Men December 1, 1952
Androcles and the Lion Poster
Androcles and the Lion December 1, 1952