Word 'round the campfire is that Chris Pratt tops the wish list to be the next Indiana Jones – and for good reason.

The crazy-likable actor gets to show off his action hero bona fides in "Jurassic World," which is all but a demo reel for how ready Pratt is to don the fedora and whip. In honor of his latest franchise hitting theaters this weekend, here are 5 reasons why he should headline another.

1. Fans Love Him
When rumors surfaced earlier this year that Pratt was linked to the role, the internet showed their generous support. Some went so far as to Photoshop Pratt's face on Indy's body (see below).

Someone just slap this image on a poster with a release date, please.

2. He Can Handle the Role's Physical Demands
While Pratt has yet to be provided with a chance to really show off his dramatic range on the big screen, his two franchises -– "Guardians" and now "Jurassic" -– have given him plenty of runway to do what the original Indy, Harrison Ford, called "physical acting." Namely, "running, jumping and falling down."

Pratt is one of Hollywood's most unlikely and welcomed action heroes; his ability to sell the demands of an action scene in a believable way, coupled with his charming on-screen presence, are similar to those Ford used to find great success in the role. As successors go, you could do so much worse.

3. Great Wit and Comedic Timing
Ford's performance as Indy is just as iconic as the character himself. Among the many successful elements of Ford's take on the character was his dry sense of humor. Indy doesn't crack jokes per say, but he does offer humorous remarks or observations when faced with increasingly dangerous stakes. (Ford's physical comedy is also shown to great effect in both "Temple of Doom" and "Last Crusade.")

Pratt's been making us laugh since minute one on "Parks & Rec," and "Guardians" further proved that the comedic chops he developed there as a supporting character are even more effective in the role of leading man.

4. He's Already a Member of the Disney Family
When your first attempt at leading man status, requiring you to appear opposite a talking raccoon and sentient tree, mints money at the box office, the studio responsible keeps you in mind for any and all future projects. With Marvel and Lucasfilm under the Disney umbrella, it's understandable why the Mouse House would want to "keep it in the family" when it comes to casting Indy.

"Guardians" massively expanded the actor's fanbase; Disney is surely banking on them to see Pratt as Indy like they did to see him as Star-Lord.

5. Spielberg's a Big Fan
During press rounds leading up to the release of "Jurassic World," Steven Spielberg has gone on record praising Pratt for his movie star status. The filmmaker has spent years developing a fourth "Jurassic"; he wouldn't have signed off on Pratt to be "JW's" male lead if he didn't see why audiences like the actor so damn much.

On top of that, according to Deadline, Spielberg would be more than happy to direct Pratt in an Indiana Jones movie – assuming the script meets his approval.

With the guy behind every one of Indy's four adventures seemingly onboard with having the actor enlist for a fifth, it's virtually a done deal.

Here's hoping Pratt will soon get to sign on that dotted line.